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Continual evaluation and learning are cornerstones of TUIF’s programs. We measure and analyze the impact of our work with monitoring and evaluation systems that use both industry-standard and customized tools. Understanding why a change has taken place (or not) is as important as understanding what change has occurred. We complement our quantitative evaluations with participatory qualitative assessments including focus group discussions and individual interviews that encourage participants, their families and communities to assess and analyze their own situations.

We use these insights to improve our own work and to influence key stakeholders to adopt approaches that positively impact the lives of women living in ultra-poverty.

A third-party Social Return on Investment (SROI) study of MPowered, conducted by KPMG in 2019, found that the project generated a social return of INR 6.7 for every INR 1 invested.

project participants successfully adopted better agricultural practices and business practices
0 %
participants were using the PoP app to support cultivation
0 %
agreed that the PoP application had improved the agricultural yield and livelihood conditions
0 %
participants observed an annual average increase of INR 3,247 in their savings
0 %
witnessed an average annual increase of INR 6,148 in their income
0 %

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