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Trickle Up India Foundation (TUIF) focuses on working with women living in ultra-poverty through an approach that combines elements of social protection, livelihood development, and financial inclusion.
Through our programs, we implement a multifaceted, time-bound (typically 24 to 36 months) set of interventions rooted in the Graduation Approach and designed to address the complex nature of ultra-poverty. These interventions are adapted to the local context and generally include:
All facets are facilitated through in-person coaching. Our approach creates an enabling environment for women to forge their own resilient pathways out of extreme poverty for themselves, their families, and their communities.
We believe in continual learning and evaluation. We use these insights to improve our own work and to influence key stakeholders to adopt practices and policies that positively impact the lives of women living in ultra-poverty. We also partner with governments, policymakers, multilateral organizations, and other members of civil society to grow and scale our proven approach in order to reach the greatest number of people in ultra-poverty in India.

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