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At TUIF we set targets for ourselves to envision a world free from extreme poverty; and we put forth our best effort each day, ensuring we deliver the best support to the needy and deprived women living in ultra-poverty to start diversified sustainable livelihoods to lead a quality life. While we’re proud of our accomplishments as a social organization in the development sector; and it’s reaffirming when third parties also recognize our efforts. TUIF has received significant recognition and we are proud of the recognition we have earned for our performance over the years.

2018: Certificate of Accreditation by Credibility Alliance
2019: Sitaram Rao Case Study Award in 2019
2021: IMPACT Partner of Well-being 2020-21 by Tata Communications
2022: IMPACT Partner of Well-being 2021-22 by Tata Communications

We have applied for FCRA Registration, which is awaited.

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Thank you for your generosity and patience.